How do I link my wallet to the platform?

To add one or more ETH wallet to the platform will take you very little time.

Once you are in the Dashboard, click on Settings on the left side of the panel.

Then, click on Profile, where you will see all your account details, like in the following picture.

At the bottom, you will find the place to paste your ETH wallet. Paste it and click on the + button.  

As you can see in the following picture the wallet has been successfully added. 

To add another one you only have to click on Add ETH Wallet and repeat the procedure.

We have added another ETH wallet, you will see each one FOXT amount next to it, as well as your total balance.

When you go back to the Initial Dashboard, you will also see your total balance of FOXT.

Link your wallet now and start getting profit with our services!

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