How to buy FOXT from the platform widget?

Fox Trading platform allows you to purchase FOXT from the platform itself. An easy and quick way to have the tokens in your wallet!

The widget is placed on the Dashboard. Enter the amount of FOXT that you want to purchase, it indicates you the amount of ETH that you'll have to send, to proceed with the purchase click on BUY.

A new window will open for you to enter your ETH wallet address from you will send ETH and then we're going to trasnfer your FOXT. Once you've entered it, click on Continue.

Remember, exchanges wallets are not allowed. In case that you do not own any ETH wallet, click on recommended wallets

Then, a window like the one below will shown on the platform. It may take a few minutes to upload your request.

Copy the ETH address that will show up, paste it on your ETH wallet to send the ETH amount ( Minimum gas price recomendation 40 Gwei and gas limit 200,000).  You'll have a maximum of 10 minutes to send the ETH from your wallet to receive your amount of FOXT.

And that's it! You'll get your FOXT on your ETH wallet instantly your transaction is compelted.

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