Get a quick overview of Fox Trading Platform

This article wants to give you a quick overview to allow yourself to make an idea of how is the platform and what can be found in it.

The menu on the left side is accessible on any page that you are, it allows you to quickly switch from one page to another one. By there, you have access to the three services and to anything associated with your account (profile, notifications, security, activity, verification). 

The following screenshot is from the Dashboard, as you can see it gives you a wide diversity of information to let you be updated about everything related to Fox Trading and your account performance. 

In our Dashboard, you can buy FOXT through a widget, follow your referral program performance and be updated about every news shared on social media. 

Trading signals page it gives you statistics about the three bots performances, on this version the signals that will be sent are Crypto arbitrage and Digital options. Forex signals will be coming soon on early 2019.  

Following with the services, we find Auto Trading for Crypto Arbitrage, there are already some articles and guides to help you understand this service such as "How to set up Crypto Auto Trading?" or "How does Crypto Auto Trading work?"

As you can see on the left side menu, inside Auto Trading there is Forex as well, a service that will be available in early 2019. The same thing happens with Trading Pool, the service will be available in Q1-Q2 2019.

If we move forward on the menu, we get to the Account. Here, you will find Profile details like your Auto Trading plan acquired or your FOXT Balance.

A very important section is placed here, the notifications. From this place, you will be able to set them up in all the services. If you are interested in learning how to set up Trading signals notifications take a look at this guide: "How to set up signals service?"

Following the Account section, there is the Affiliate Program, currently and until the end of January it has the form of a competition. So, you will be able to check your affiliate performance by the platform as well. Once the referral competition is over, an affiliate program will be available at the same platform with all the statistics about it.

The last section of the Account is Support/Help center, if you click on it, it will bring you to Fox Trading Help Center, where you will find articles and guides to make it easier to understand and set everything up.

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