How to set up Trading Signals?

Create a Fox Trading account

You will only need a 1,000 FOXT holding to have access to this service. You'll have to add an ETH wallet with this amount of FOXT. 

The screenshot below is from the dashboard, it shows you where you have to click to add your ETH wallet.

That click will take you to the Account settings section. Red square on the screenshot below shows you where you've to click to add the wallet.

Put a wallet with, at least, 1,000 FOXT.

Once you have added the ETH wallet with the 1,000 FOXT on it, the service will be unlocked, that means that signals will be sent to you in the form of notifications, and you'll be able to use these signals provided to trade on any broker or exchange. Regarding Digital options, we only recommend

On the left side of the platform, you will find the menu, click on Trading Signals and the platform will look like the following screenshot.  

This second screenshot shows you where you will be able to set up notifications. To access here, click on Account and then Settings. As you can see notifications are available on every service. 

If you are holding 1,000 FOXT on the platform then you will be able to set up Trading signals notifications. At this first stage, you can receive Crypto and Digital options bots signals. Forex will be available in early 2019. If you take a look at the screenshot below you will see a configuration example, desktop notifications for crypto and digital options are activated. As you can see in crypto you can choose which are the cryptocurrencies that you want to receive signals from, in this case, we have chosen ETH. The percentage is the minimum price assets difference between exchanges that results in arbitrage opportunities. 

Mobile notifications will be updated and available in the following days.  

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