How does Signals service work?

Signals service consists of Forex, Crypto Arbitrage and Digital Options bots that generate alerts, best known as signals, that allow you to know when will be the best time to enter the trade. Our bots have been tested in these markets with successful results for several months. 

Signals service allows you to use our signals to trade by yourself with any broker or exchange. Decide which signals you want to trade and what is the size of them. 

About the digital options bot we only recommend, the world's first regulated and broker-less financial trading platform, we have a partnership with them that will benefit every Fox Trading user. As soon as releases his own API we will work to introduce Auto Trading for Digital Options as well.

You will receive our signals via notifications on Fox Trading Platform, so, it will be notified on your Desktop or your Fox Trading App (iOS and Android), and then, you just have to copy that signal with the broker or exchange chosen by you, you will be able to set these notifications in our guide "How to set up Signals service?" you will learn how to do it. 

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