How to set up Crypto Auto Trading?

Create a Fox Trading account, check out the plans and pricing available, remember that Auto Trading will be opened progressively throughout December and January, and get the one that suits more your interests.

Log in on the platform. On the left side of it, you will find the menu. Click on Auto Trading and then Cryptocurrency

Following, you can see a screenshot from Auto Trading service, this is how your platform will look like at your first entrance on it. 

These seven squares are linked to every exchange through their API, a tool created by each exchange that will allow you to have access to this exchanges with each particular API keys.

To set up the Auto Trading you must have at least two linked exchanges, that means that you have already created an API on two exchanges, although we recommend having three or four for optimum performance.

Once you have chosen which are the Exchanges that you want to arbitrage with, you must create an API on them. We have made a step-by-step guide to help you with that, Binance , Poloniex , Kraken , Bitstamp , OKEx , HitBTC and Huobi

Now that you have the APIs created, come back to Fox Trading platform and insert the API key and the SECRET key to the pertinent square exchanges. Example below:

Click on INSERT API, and it will be connected, as you can see on the screenshot below, it shows you the amount of each Crypto and USD/USDT available on the Exchange. 

Now that you have your exchange linked, you will have to deposit on the exchanges a similar amount of at least, two distinct assets, we recommend to have both assets on all the exchanges that you have the API created.

Example: Deposit USDT on Binance and a similar amount of BTC on Poloniex. 


We will now proceed to the settings configuration. 

Trade amount: This will mark the size of each trade. Beware that each plan has its limited volume, this volume will mark the number of trades and its size. We recommend that the size of the trade have to between a 5 to 10% of your total deposit on the exchanges.

Example: If you set $50 in Trade amount in a Gold account ($6000 volume per day), that means that you will be able to do a maximum of 120 trades per day. 

Minimum Profit: Decide which is the minimum difference between each asset price on the exchanges, it can go from 0 to 5% 

Cryptocurrencies: Depending on the cryptos that you have on the exchanges decide which ones you want to arbitrage. We recommend to arbitrage between main cryptos like BTC or ETH and USD or USDT, to get the profit directly from a stable coin like USD. But you can also set it up to arbitrage only between cryptocurrencies. 

It is important to remember that to keep the platform running the PC must be turned on. 

Once you have this, you would only have to press running and wait for your profit! 

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