What is Arbitrage?

What is Arbitrage?

Arbitrage is a trading strategy to obtain profit from the cryptocurrencies different prices among exchanges. Buying on the exchange that offers a low price and selling it in another exchange where the price is higher enough to get profit. 

In recent times, the interest in Cryptocurrency Arbitrage has been increasing a lot, which is understandable knowing the benefits that can be accomplished if you do it right, that’s why we decided to work with this strategy.

How does it work?

It is a fact of liquidity; the trading volumes are different depending on the exchanges. Larger exchanges with higher volume have more liquidity of coins than the smaller ones, this higher liquidity usually results in cheaper prices on larger exchanges, this leads to arbitrage opportunities. Buy on this big exchange that is selling cheaper and simultaneously sells on the other one.

The profit that is obtained by this transaction is reduced because of the exchange fees. There are fees for trading cryptocurrencies, fees to transfer them, and fees that involve blockchain network. Besides fees, existing difficulties for those who want to arbitrage manually, transactions must be done instantly, and it results to be very complicated to do it by yourself and catch all the opportunities that are available throughout the day.

Fox Trading Crypto Arbitrage bot

The Crypto arbitrage bot developed by our team is designed to take advantage from the best opportunities that the market provides, this can only be done with a bot, as it is constantly active (24/7) and can make the trading transactions instantaneously.  

There is no other way to make the most from the arbitrage opportunities. Crypto arbitrage bot has been tested in several exchanges and cryptocurrencies during the last months.

This bot will be found on two different services, Auto Trading and Trading Pool.

Auto Trading is a fully automated service, where the user only has to decide which cryptocurrencies and exchanges want to use and the bot do the rest, all this keeping user funds on their exchanges.

The Trading pool is an account shared with other and investors and managed by us that will be running with Crypto Arbitrage and Forex bots. Unlike the previous one, here the only thing that the user has to do is to deposit and let the bots work, the bots themselves choose the cryptocurrencies and exchanges that according to its parameters can get the highest profit. Check the daily profit that is giving now. The user will also be able to benefit from the reduced fees that our platform enjoys thanks to the large volume moved per day. The user will be able to withdraw whenever he wants. 

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